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Size (Per Unit) : 30 tablets

Dose : 1 to 2 Tablets two times a day with Milk or as advised by the Physician.


Each film coated tablet contains:-

Hira Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1) 1.000 mg, Panna Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Manikya Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Pusparaj Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S. -1), Nilam Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Vaidurya Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Gomedmani Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Mukta Pishti (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1), Vaikrant Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1) each 0.500 mg, Praval Pishti (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1) 30 mg, Suvarna Makshik Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1) 30 mg, Raupya Makshik Bhasma (Pdr.) (R.T.S.-1) 30 mg, Pipali (Piper longum) (Fr. Pdr.)(A.P.I.) 40 mg, Ext. Aal (Morinda citrifolia) (Fr. Ext.) (A.B.) 50 mg, Ext. Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) (Fr. Ext.) (A.P.I.) 80 mg, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (Rt. Pdr.) (A.P.I.) 70 mg, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) (St. Pdr.) (A.P.I.) 65 mg, Colour: FC Green Q.S., Excipients Q.S.