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1 Mahashankh Vati 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
2 Agnitundi Vati 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
3 Livo Plan Syrup 3 Bottles (200 ml Each)
4 Heartburn Capsules 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
5 Gotu Kola Capsules 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
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Livo-HG Care Pack is especially made to help the cases of lIver Hemangioma. It is a non cancerous mass in the liver which is made up of tangled blood vessels. This condition is also known as hepatic Hemangioma or cavernous Hemangiomas. Such liver masses are quite common and are estimated to occur in approximately 20% of the population. In most of the cases it does not show any type of sign and symptoms but if it does, even then it can be managed impressively especially with Ayurvedic herbs. The following pack mentioned for this condition is of great help and also has no side effects. These formulations have an impact on entire digestion as well.

Products Description

1. Mahashankh Vati

Mahashankh Vati is a classical preparation being manufactured by Planet Ayurveda. The mahashankh vati has ingredients like shunthi, pippali, shankh bhasma, tamarind bark, shuddha vatsanabha, rock salt, Black salt and sea salt. The mahashankh vati is quite famous for its effects on digestion. It helps in easing symptoms which are related to digestive troubles like bloating, flatulence, indigestion, gas, pricking pain because of gas and many others. When the liver is affected with some  condition there are chances that there is some effect on digestion that's why mahashankh vati is recommended. It has an impressive impact on digestion and troubles related to digestion.

2. Agnitundi Vati

Agnitundi Vati is also an impressive classical preparation which is  being manufactured by Planet Ayurveda. Agnitundi vati is famous for its deepan pachan effect which means this formulation helps in digestion and also helps in enhancing digestive process. This formulation also supports the elimination of indigestion, tastelessness, gas, diarrhoea, dysentery along with intestinal worms and abdominal pains. The patient with liver haemangioma might experience some of the aforementioned conditions but using Agnitundi vati can help a lot. The agnitundi vati is prepared using Tripahla, Cumin, Ginger, Plumbago, Piper longum, Piper nigrum & Embelia ribes. The formulation also stimulates appetite and helps with anorexia as well.

3. Livo Plan Syrup

Livo Plan Syrup is a patent formulation by Planet Ayurveda. Livo Plan is a liquid preparation which has its quick absorption in the system. These also have ingredients like Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Kalmegh (Andrographis paniculata), Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Rohitaka (Tecomella undulata), Bhumi amla (Phyllanthus niruri), Trayamana (Gentiana kurroo), Patol (Trichosanthes dioica), Ghrit Kumari (Aloe barbadensis) and  many others. The liver is responsible for secretion enzymes that help in proper digestion but if the liver is affected it might be able to work properly. But Livo Plan can be of help for establishing proper liver functions. Once liver working is proper digestion stabilises as well.

4. Heartburn Capsules

Heartburn Capsules are really impressive and have a helpful  effect on digestion. Heartburn capsules have ingredients like Coral Calcium, Agate Calcium, Jahar Mohra Pishti, Kamdudha Ras, Mukta Pishti and Giloy Satva. These ingredients make it  possible for this formulation to control digestive symptoms which are related to digestion especially like hyperacidity, sour belching and heartburn. Even in GERD this formulation has wonderful results and so does in liver haemangioma if the digestion is typically unstable. Moreover, these ingredients are natural calcium compounds and also are helpful in maintaining too much acidic nature of the stomach, if present. The formulation does not have any side effects.

5. Gotu Kola Capsules

Gotu Kola Capsule is a herbal patent capsular formulation which has only Gotu kola (Centella asiatica). The herb gotu kola is an excellent herb of Ayurveda which has effects on the liver as well. It is an excellent detoxifier and also  is a good source of various minerals and vitamins. The hepatoprotective qualities of this herb are really amazing and has an antioxidant effect as well. Gotu kola is really an impressive herb and is also known for its dosha pacification effect. The herb also possesses a digestion regulating effect. All three herbs are rejuvenating and show impressive results in liver hemangioma.


  1. Mahashankh Vati - 2 tablets twice a day after meals with Lukewarm water.
  2. Agnitundi Vati - 2 tablets twice a day after meals with Lukewarm water.
  3. Livo Plan Syrup - 2 spoons twice a day after meals with Lukewarm water.
  4. Heartburn Capsules - 1 capsule twice a day after meals with Lukewarm water.
  5. Gotu Kola Capsules - 1 capsule twice a day after meals with Lukewarm water.

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