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Pack Size: 450ml

Dosage: 3 teaspoons twice a day with an equal amount of water or as advised by physician.


Amritarishta is a classical Ayurvedic formulation in a liquid form. It is used in various health conditions. This liquid form medicine is a natural immunity booster and increases the non-specific immunity, thus preventing catching seasonal coughs and colds. This liquid contains self-generated alcohol up to 5%. Amritarishta helps the body to fight against bacterial as well viral infections. It has a mild analgesic effect also. It purifies blood and is used as haematogenous syrup. The ingredients in this formulation such as Guduchi, shunthi, pippali, maricha, bilva, shalaparni, etc make this fermented decoction a potent herbal remedy due to their antipyretic properties. It pacifies Vata and Pitta dosha.


  • This syrup may have minute side effects on overdose so better to take this medicine under the physician's advice.
  • Overdose will lead to stomach pain.
  • Use under medical advice during pregnancy also.